H.P. Lovecraft by guest Karisa Winkel

At the moment I'm dying for a pair of custom painted Vans by H.P. Lovecraft NYC.

I met Hayley Parker, the up-and-coming DJ and designer, in New York City and was instantly wowed by her style. She is such a trend setter and is way, way ahead of us all. This girl is totally amazing and quite the entrepreneur-- and she's recently made a huge splash in the design world with her custom sneakers. Featured in Elle and Nylon magazine, H.P. Lovecraft NYC has so many admirers that even Madonna has a pair.

Check out these shoes featuring Lichtenstien, Sonic Youth, and The Misfits.

As you can see, Hayley's shoes feature rock bands, famous artists, and her own graffiti – all painted by hand on Vans, Keds, and Converse. You can even commission a custom design and with your own idea-- though you'd better get yours now before they're discovered by the masses. For around $100, they're well worth the cash.

They're currently for sale in Europe and on her website HPLovecraftNYC.com

And there's more! If you live in Provo, Utah, you're in luck. Hayley and her fiancée are opening an ultra-hip boutique on University Avenue. I can only imagine the amazing things for sale! So long as her shoes are there, I'll be the first customer.


Jessie Cacciola said...

thanks for posting this...my sister would love this sneakers!
- Jessie -

brittany said...

sheesh, can't wait for that boutique! (spelling?)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info!! these shoes are amazing, and i just happen to live in provo!!

Savvy Pauper said...

Any kids shoes? My husband will want some for our kids I'm sure :)

karisa said...

I'm not sure about kid shoes, but you can email them at thehplovecraft@hotmail.com

Michelle said...

I wish I lived in Utah, how many people can say that! well, I guess anything is better than Atlanta, I don't mean that...but yah, I do. HA

swell.life said...

Hey, I've heard of this girl. So, so cool!

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