More Anchor Love.

I've had a long time crush on anchors, hence my post about them yesterday. I love the symbol and meaning behind them, and it reminds me of the skipper days when we would go out on our Hobbie Cat and other sail boat. Today I found these dainties from Armelle Jewlery, made by the lovely Caroline. So sweet.


Laura Stockett Roberts said...

You inspired me with the anchor post and I gave you a shout-out regarding a post on anchors of my own. Take a look.

Alya said...

cute :) Very cruise-y.

Unknown said...

oh you are too cute! i'm glad you like my earrings.. and i too share your love of anchors.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you can always come visit Raft Island and get your boating/sailing fix anytime. Weren't those the good 'ol days?
We miss you

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