Ever had a slobby friend, family member, or child? This idea and art project, may make you think twice about wanting them to tidy up their room. By Corriette Schoenaerts via chaikhana.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, that's fabulous!

Uncle Beefy said...

As Christian on Project Runway would likely say...that's a "hot mess"!

SO cool!

Jessie Cacciola said...

organized clutter --I love it!

..."I can't clean up mom, it's art!" haha

- Jessie -

Alya said...

Hahaha that was funny. At first i was thinking "what a mess"! But then I realized what it was.

One Love Photo said...

If only my mess (because I am a messy girl) but if only my messes could look this good.

brexians said...

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