Carla Lane Interiors

Carla Lane Interiors has some beautiful well-designed spaces in her portfolio. I enjoy the little quirky details that she inputs to give each room some character. It has got me itching for a complete home make-over.


Lindsay said...

Gorgeous. I especially love that girly living room and the green in the kitchen.

sarah b. said...


I know I've seen that tree wallpaper in the bedroom before, but can't remember where... Anyone know?

Joslyn said...

ooh me too...i love how every space feels totally cohesive without being "over-decorated". Lovely.

The tree wallpaper is the woods by cole and current obsesion.

SimplyGrove said...

I LOVE her interiors!!!

Kari said...

Wow--first time I've seen Carla Lane Interiors...thanks for one of my favorites too!

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