Ellen Raskin

Here is my favorite book find of the week, "Nothing Ever Happens on my Block" by Ellen Raskin. (yay.. only $.25 again.) I dig the thin black and white line drawings with flashes of bold color throughout and the quirky story adds to its charm. Ellen was an extremely gifted artist, designer, and writer, who won many awards during her lifetime, including the Newbery Award for this cover. She stated, "I try to say one thing with my work: A book is a wonderful place to be. A book is a package, a gift package, a surprise package -- and within the wrappings is a whole new world and beyond." Love that quote.


Laurie said...

Love it! The book and the especially the quote.

Kelly said...

the illustrations are fantastic! makes me want to *gasp* tear the book apart and frame it all!

Leslie said...

Ellen Raskin is one of my all time favorite Authors/Illustrators from my childhood! I've got a few of her books stashed away somewhere . . . but not that one! What a treasure!!

Simply Organized 4 Life & Koaching by Kimberly said...

OMG That was my absolute favorite book when I was a child. I still, to this day, talk about that book. I guess it was my "Goodnight Moon" book, but I remember every page, every small detail in every window of each house and the things that happened on the street. I have no idea why I related to that book so much, but it's just kismet that I was looking at blogs today and found those beautiful pages you posted, sending me right back to my childhood. Thanks for the post of my all time favorite book.
I love your blog,
Kimberly Miller

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I loved her book, "The Westing Game," have you read it?

Bonbon Oiseau said...

i love ellen raskin---these books remind me of my childhood.

the illustration style is fantabulous!!

brexians said...

I have to order it.

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