Ah, Paris!

We finalized our tickets for Europe, and will be going the end of October/ beginning of November to Paris, Germany, and hopefully Switzerland too. Those banked up, about to expire, frequent flier miles I just remembered, really came in handy.

Since previous reader's comments got me incredibly interested with those French inspired film recommendations, I would also love any suggestions and tips of hip places to go, and what area is best to stay during our 3 nights in Paris. We have never been to France, or to any of the above places.

Do also share some of your favorite German and Swiss inspired films if you got 'em, you readers are very good at that. I'll start you out with this good German film.

I have already checked out Jordan's great Paris guide and Stephanie's little Paris shopping guide + revisit of the Blueprint guide -- all excellent.

(image by Trine Thorsen via here )


Jennifer Wilson said...

Hi. I love Paris. I knew I would and I did. I dream about it. You must go to the Antique markets even though they're far and dusty and not in a greta part of town. I have several treasures from there.We stayed in the Marais, near the Hotel De Ville and just down the street from the George Pompidou Centre, which has a fabulous rooftop patio. But all the shopping and restaurants around the Marais area are perfectly unique and Parisian. I have more about Paris and some photos on my blog. Oh, and youmust drink champagne (out of the bottle or plastic cups) on the little island on the Siene.

Emily said...

If you happen to be in Munich I made an entire section on my blog to my favorite places, restaurants, and stores here (it's on the right side).

You're bound to find some beautiful things in Europe, like you always do! I'm already looking forward to seeing what they are.


bbphoto said...

My husband and I spend a few weeks in Paris in June..and just returned from Geneva Switzerland.
In Paris, a fine little bistro: http://www.bistrot-opio.com/index.html

Also, I would recommend Parc Monceau:

Though Luxembourg Gardens are quite lovely- Parc Monceau has beautiful sculptures and you may walk along and lay in the grass under a tree for a picnic.

A lovely little hotel:

If you are going to Geneva, let me know and I will be happy to share some ideas.

Jo said...

my fave german films little list:

· goodbye lenin (directed by wolfgang becker)
· the fisherman and his wife (directed by doris dorrie)
· the princess and the warrior (directed by tom tykwer)

Flora said...

My favorite place for an afternoon tea/cake is "Le Loir dans la Théière" in Le Marais. It's a lovely place, filled with old posters, old furniture (lots of old armchairs, not one is the same!). It's very sweet and old-fashioned, but very trendy at the same time (come early on a Saturday afternoon!). Their tea is the best (Mariage Frères) and their cakes... huge and absolutely delicious.

j. said...

Just saw the French film: Shall we Kiss/le besoin s'il vous plait (sp?), at the MFA in Boston last month and loved it. And I agree with the previous comment - Marais is great - cute shops (rue de sevigne is a great street)plus there are great places to eat. Ile Saint-Louis is right near Marais as well and that's a great area too. I'm so excited for you!

Brooke Williams said...

i second the suggestion of parc monceau--i went there all the time when i lived there. on a sunday is great, too, because you might get people after a wedding or church: all dressed up, beautiful hats...

also, if you like parks, buttes de chaumont is breathtaking. huge hills and views of the city from afar.

we're going there in september, so i'm in the throes of planning too, so i will pass on anything i think you might like. also, david lebovitz's blog and orangette's blog and chocolate and zuchini have some good lists too, if you dig around for them.

have fun planning your trip, that's so exciting you are going!!

Sarah said...

How exciting! I stayed in Montmartre, just up the road form the Sacre Couer. It was nice.
German films - Run Lola Run and The Edukators (German & Austrian) are my picks.

Kristi said...

I am so jealous, have a great trip. It should be beautiful.

Joanna Goddard said...

how exciting! you're going to have an amazing time. xo

Rachel said...

I guess it is not a secret. The Marais is by far the best place to stay.

Joslyn said...

oh you lucky, lucky lady!

Prêt à Voyager said...

Paris is my favorite place on earth! I'll dry to dig up a guide I made ages ago, but in the meantime, some good suggestions from print&pattern readers:



Gabrielle of Design Mom said...

So exciting! Yay you. I'm sure you will have the most wonderful time.

Unknown said...

You will have an amazing time! Take me with you! Take me with you! :)

nichole said...

I also recommend the Edukators and Goodbye Lenin for German films. Both are fantastic.

French Films:

Umbrellas of Cherbourg, L'Auberge Espagnole, Tren de Vie, Blue/White/Red, Jean de Florette, The Red Balloon, and of course Before Sunrise, Before Sunset on the American front.

I would stay in the Marais as well. So close to everything and such a vibrant part of the city. I recommend Cafe Beaubourg's fromage blanc if you happen to be in the area for breakfast.

Also, if you need a place to stay, I highly recommend:


We've stayed in a few of these places (gorgeous!), and John (the guy who rents them) is fantastic.

I also have clients in South Germany, and I can have them put together some recommendations for you if you are interested.

Look at me ... living vicariously through you. I could ramble all night. ;)

Stacy said...

So jealous, you have no idea. And in Paris you have to stay at Hotel St. Merry in la marias. It's the best, most amazing ever. OMG I am still so jealous.

Ashley said...

stephmodo (http://www.stephmodo.com/) is currently in Paris and is blogging about cool places to visit while she is there.

Anonymous said...

I thought this place looked lovely although I cannot remember where I got the link(- may have been from here?)

montmarte is a great neighborhood in Paris, and another beautiful area is the Place des Vosges-
My aunt stays there all the time and loves it.

I live in Switzerland in the Italian region. Really, swiss hotels are so lovely and everywhere you go it is beautiful- you can't go wrong! If you go to Zermatt, the Alpen Rose hotel is quite nice with amazing views of the Matterhorn from certain rooms and from the outdoor dining area.
Have a great time!

{this is glamorous} said...

How exciting! Paris is wonderful -- am just sorting through the photos from our recent trip, and will definitely look up things to do and see and pass them along.

{p.s. thanks for the link love}

Marion P. said...

in paris, i love montmartre, le marais.
my favorites:

for you:

for childs:






the shop :

and brands: APC, antoine et lili,gerard darel,paul and joe,monoprix,h et m,comptoir des cotonniers, lili cabas,antik batik,zadig et voltaire,isabelle marant,vanessa bruno,habitat,repetto,jonak,les prairies de paris.

in galeries lafayette, le bon marché(big shops)

childs:petit pan,zef,bonton,alice à paris...

Anonymous said...

i have an amazing, vintage chalk board that i've been trying to figure out what to do with besides menus when we have dinner guests. this simple little phrase would certainly light up my day. loving your blog, would you like to trade links?

Anonymous said...

Hello lady!

I tend to only stay in my old neighborhoods of Le Marais and La Bastille. If you've visted my sight lately you know that I stayed in the 13th with dear friends of mine recently. Don't ignore other neighborhoods. The 13th has something special going on. I love it! Butte aux Cailles is the hotness in the evening. After my gig in Seoul wraps up, I will definitely make another little trip to Paris. A great website if you want to stay in some swanky apartments (costly but hella' chic) instead of a hotel, is www.nyhabitat.com

The best way to discover Paris is to pick a neighborhood and start walking. You will find all sorts of great restaurants, cafes and of course, boutiques. Paris has been my home for a long time so I don't do the shoppy thing' when I'm there, I visit my favorite neighborhoods and let my feet do the rest.

Since you will only be there for three days I wouldn't spend those three days running around town looking for this and that shop, etc. Pick a neighborhood and let yourself discover it leisurely. Paris is like sex, rushing through it would be a sin.

Enjoy it, slowly.


christine said...

marais and the left bank are fabulous--- quiet, less touristy and very cool little shops/boutiques.

Batignolles organic market is great on Saturday morning. The antique market is to die for as well.

If you see a 'Paul's' they have great pain au chocolat---yummy!

Funny enough I go to Paris twice a year and am leaving tomorrow via the Eurostar!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just honeymooned in Paris and we stayed at
Hotel 123. it was UNBELIEVABLE. very chic, beautiful rooms, great views, and minutes to the champs elysee.

lillie said...

in paris, be sure to visit Shakespear & Company. one of the best little book store in the world! spilling over with words & history.

enjoy the travel planning!

Anonymous said...

Great list of all those film recommendations. I'm going to work my way through a few of them until I can get back to Paris myself.

krista lia said...

of all the things i've done in france, my favorite memories have come from sitting in cafes and watching everyone walk by... definitely try a macaroon while you're there!

as for french films- anything with brigitte bardot is fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

We're back from Paris! We didn't really have much time there (3 days) but I highly suggest stopping by the Pompidou and taking in the Jacques Villegle exhibit on now. He is a French artist who uses street posters (sometimes altering them) to create works of art. It was amazing. Also, we never got to any patisseries, but we're def. going back, so I'll have to hit those up next time. We ate at a really wonderful cafe in the republique (where we stayed) but I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me. Everyone was super friendly and very polite. I'm not fluent in French, but I tried to speak it when possible and it was much appreciated, plus it's fun! What a beautiful language. Also, if you go to the Pompidou, do have lunch at one of the little cafes by the fountain with all of the crazy sculptures (you'll know what I mean when you see it). We went to "Pop In" which is a really great French bar, packed nightly with an indie crowd. There is also Le Motel and The Bottle Shop (all in the Bastille/Republique area. Have fun and don't worry about not getting to do it all, you'll visit again!

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