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Between Anna's and Stephanie's posts about Paris I am further commited to continue saving my pennies for hopefully a trip this fall. Is November too cold? While we're on the subject of France, what are your favorite French inspired films? I hope to start a good and resourceful list with your help. I wish you a most magical weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Umbrellas of Cherbourg--that's an actual French film, though. Does that count?

Cindy said...

some favorites french films include -
my father's glory
jean de florette
the diving bell and the butterfly

Josephine said...

before sunset, funny face, charade, ratatouille, avenue montaigne, paris je t'aime, science of sleep. enjoy!

Jo said...

some of mine are:

· les glaneurs et la glaneuse
by agnés varda
· les 400 coups
by truffaut
· the science of sleep
by gondry

Anonymous said...

An American in Paris
Moulin Rouge
Under the Rooftops of Paris
Before Sunrise, Before Sunset
The Dreamers
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (well, part of it, anyway)

Ryan said...

Le Ballon Rouge. (The red balloon) I saw it in french class in high school, and my life has never been the same. I'm not kidding. Like wow--it was great. The dialog was a little skimpy for really being educational to a high school french class, but it was a spiritual journey.

benson said...

in regards to Paris in November...
I love Paris in the springtime.
I love Paris in the fall.
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles,
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles.

I love Paris every moment,
every moment of the year.

Anonymous said...

Umbrellas of Cherbourg is my absolute favorite French movie. We watch it over and over.

Anonymous said...

You truly post the most amazing and captivating images. Thank you.

Vanessa said...

Paris je t'aime
Mon Oncle
The red balloon
and of course Amelie.

she planted a tree said...


Traci said...

Hi! We spent 6 weeks in Paris - January and half of February. It was rainy and cold, but not unbearable. Bring layers, scarves, umbrella. You should be fine in November.

Have fun! Really, Paris is amazing at any time.

Anonymous said...

When i think of France I always think of how Sabrina get's transformed in Paris!

Unknown said...

Amélie is one of my favourite films ever, a must see! :)

Bethany said...

Sabrina and Amelie. There is also a subtitled film that I've been seeing lately on Sundance whose title I can't quite remember. I own that exact Eiffel tower. I collect them, haha.

Sarah said...

I just saw 2 Days in Paris. It was great! I love Julie Delpy. I'm reading Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda at the moemnt. If you haven't read it, you should read it before you go. So far it's really good.

Lara said...

paris je t'aime!!

Paris is chilly in november but it is still beautiful and wonderful! the chilly weather means you can spend more time indoors at the terrific museums and eating at the cafes!

Z said...

Love the pictures!! I never got to comment but remembered a couple days ago that you're the one who introduced me to sondre lerche... that's how long I've been reading your blog :)
p.s. I've already added you to my blog roll but I was still wondering if you wanted to link up blogs together ?

p.p.s. paris is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year... my favorite city by far! Make sure to visit monmartre, a little part of the city that's quite artsy, you'll love it :)



Bonbon Oiseau said...

well amelie and the red balloon of course!

the first weekend in october is the best! that's when "le nuit blanche" happens, with festivities going on all night all over the city: arts projects and films and performances on the street and in old churches and old institutions and museums and galleries and restaurants are open all over the city all night long---it's also fashion week so you may get to see some exciting stuff...the weather is still nice in the first half of october...I love the end of february/first week in march as well--the beginning of Spring (those are the two times a year I'm there too!)

Sarah Lynn Knowles said...

i went to paris in november 2006 and didn't find it too cold that month. it was actually pretty rainy the entire week we were there-- but even then i was okay with a hooded sweatshirt under a blazer most of the time.

Marion P. said...

there is not a good saison to go to paris, all the time this city is fantastic.
i am a french girl and if you want good addresses tell me.

my french movies: la bûche,amélie poulain,les poupées russes.

Ana Carini said...

Hi there!
I am here to introduce myself. I am new to the Blog community and would like to meet new people. Your blog attracts me, so I posted a link on my site. Stop by and say hi sometime~

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

add another check mark to the umbrellas of cherbourg! i adore that movie! and did anyone mention breathless? you just can't take your eyes off of jean seberg in that film. such style, such charm!

jen said...

amelie is fabulous!

Pippa said...

I, like everyone else, love "Amelie" and subsequently had to see "Priceless" because of Audrey Tautou.
There is a fabulous french movie called "8 Women" which doesn't so much show off Paris as show how stylish the french can be.And, its a musical.
"Paris je t'aime" shows so many different parts of the city.
Although it is a terrible movie, "A Good Year" makes me ache for the outdoor restaurant where they screen old films.
I found that the setting of the film "Le Divorce" was the best part of it although I did want to go out and buy a scarf directly afterwards.
"The Swimming Pool" with Charlotte Rampling is great too.

Brooke Williams said...

ooh, so fun, a trip to paris. november does get cold at times, but there is nothing prettier than paris in a light snowfall. i love the movie "les choristes", and of course sabrina...

Anonymous said...

french kiss, sabrina, amelie, and bleu. i think paris in the fall sounds wonderful! hope you make it!

Danielle said...

two of my favorites are Au Revoir, Les Enfants, it's in French (although you could get it with subtitles of course!) about some school children during WWII, and another is Joyeux Noel, about WWI, very sweet and authentic...but they're one time must see movies, not ones you watch over and over like Sabrina or Amelie!!

Mary said...

Of course Amelie and many of the others already mentioned. I'd add Les Choristes (The Chorus).

the speers said...

i love your blog!!! and, I love Paris--but I went in the spring, I'm sure November will be amazing--how could it not? I'm sure these have been listed, but An American in Paris is a must, and of course Moulin Rouge!!--which I HAD to watch before I went to Parie!!

kaili said...

Honestly, November is Paris is just lovely. And the line ups are virtually non-existent! If you go, I will send you a ton of info!

Sarah said...

Les Choristes is a definite favorite.

Anonymous said...

there is a film coming out called Paris... I'm not sure when it comes out but I saw the trailer at the Irish film institute. The trailer is worth a watch, and I can't wait to see the film!


Anonymous said...

Paris Je taime, Amelie - two fabulous movies.

Emily said...

I'm sure that chilly weather while you're in Paris is a perfect excuse to linger in the louvre or the musee dórsay... probably not so great for sightseeing on the eiffel tower, of course. And the summer hordes of tourists will have disappeared by November.

My film suggestions are:
La Vie en Rose,
In Paris When It Sizzles,
How to Catch a Thief,
Paris je t'aime,
To Be and To Have (Etre et Avoir),
Russian Dolls,
and a definate must see is Hunting & Gathering (Ensemble, c'est tous)

Wallflower Diaries said...

Watch 3 other movies White, Blue & watch Red last. It ties the others all together :)

travel notes said...

Amelie was what got me hooked on Paris... I also love Paris je T'aime (especially the 14th arrondissement vignette), Ratatouille, Before Sunset, Funny Face and The Dreamers

Have a fanTASTic time, Paris will love you :)

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