Marc Boutavant & Sempé -- by guest Erin Jang

I adore the work of these two French children's book illustrators, Marc Boutavant and Jean-Jacques Sempé. I first discovered Sempé's cover art for the New Yorker and Boutavant's whimsical illustrations for Martha Stewart Kids magazine many years ago.

One of my favorite children's books is Martin Pebble. There are very few words and only a couple colors in this book about a boy who is a chronic blusher (I empathize!). I love Sempé's loose linework and limited color palette -- it's beautiful to look at.

I first hired Marc Boutavant when I was at the Boston Globe, and he was so lovely to work with. I am completely infatuated with his illustrations, the funny characters and animals he creates, the emotions and stories he tells through them and the colors he uses. It is so inspiring.


style-for-style said...

I must find that blushing book!

Multiple Miggs said...

Nice blog, but you're a little shy on chicks and cars. ;) Hi blog neighbour. ;)

Flora said...

Thanks for reminding me about Sempé, I love his work! Martin Pebble (Marcelin Caillou in French) has been one of my favorite when I was young.
Have a lovely day :)

fashion is the only cure said...

i love this.
your blog continues to intrigue me
ps i featured you

Anonymous said...

I love Marc Boutavant's stuff, too! Unique style and always inspiring!

Amy C said...

How I love Marc Boutavant's illustration, its just so cute said...

I love both Boutavant and Sempe's work too, lovely to see them together here. Am really enjoying your guest posts, Erin.

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