Caia Koopman & Julia Kuo -- by Micah Heiselt

I am really enjoying the work of artists Caia Koopman and Julia Kuo these days.

Caia Koopman
is a true born and raised California girl with blonde hair and a sunny disposition. I can’t say I have ever had any personal contact with her, but I am told from a reliable source that she is as cheerful, bright and friendly as she is talented. I mention this only because it adds a great backdrop for her work which I will let speak for itself.

I can’t say that I know anything about Julia Kuo that I didn’t learn from her website. I recently stumbled across her work through one of my many blog feeds and I was immediately glad I did. I enjoy how she is able to create illustrations and sketches that would feel right at home in a children’s book while holding a message for everyone. I feel like she is saying something really profound, but in a way that is subtly absorbed rather than explicitly stated. Of course, that could just be me trying to sounds all deep when, in fact, I just like the pretty colors.


Anonymous said...

Love them both!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! I love Julia Kuo's girl with the cello. And my favorite of Caia Koopman's is the girl in blue with the bird. I'm excited to go check out their websites. Thanks for sharing!

Teapot said...

What a wonderful artist!!

Caroline said...

Whoa...I am blown away by Julia Kuo's work. They all have a very soft ethereal quality, even the brightly colored ones. Great find.

Liz Stanley said...

those are beautiful prints. i read your blog and just realized that you live in salt lake too. i found your blog through jordan of oh happy day (gabby of design mom and jordan of oh happy day are my sister in laws).we really need to have a salt lake blogger meet up. it would be fun to meet everyone in person.
oh and i'm also an editor for YHO too!

julia said...

Thank you for all the kind words! I'm flattered to be on your blog with all these other great finds =)

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