I heart Chairs -- by guest Micah Heiselt

Whenever I am feeling particularly confident in my creative abilities or am having an especially dreadful day at work I revisit one of my most cherished dreams in life. I want to grow up to be a furniture designer and craftsman. Don’t get me wrong, I love working as a graphic designer. I love kerning, tweaking, hue shifting and control “z”ing just as much as anyone, but I can’t deny that part of me that wants to throw my computer out the window, find a nice piece of walnut and make something beautiful.

I think that when all of my stars fall into left justified alignment I will start with building chairs. To get ready for that day, I have on my computer desktop a folder called, “Design & Ideas to Steal.” When I am surfing around the Interweb and I come across a really great chair (or anything for that matter) I grab the image and throw it into the folder. Here are a few of my favorites. I apologize that not all of them have links to the original source. My approach to inspiration gathering is grab first, research later.

1. I love the simplicity of the shapes and materials on this chair. It would look great sitting in a fashion magazine company’s lobby or on the patio of a ranch house.

2. I am a sucker for bent ply and this is wonderful. Sorry, I couldn’t track down it’s source.

3. I think this chair is brilliant. It saves trees and shipping cost; it uses no glues, nails or screws; and it’s not too bad on the eyes.

4. This might just be my favorite out of the bunch. If I had a whole stack of these to pull out when extra seating is needed, I would be one happy guy. (sadly, no link)

5. I love the way this breaks free from chair norms and tells a story in the process.

6. Mahogany and concrete, what a beautiful marriage. I look forward to seeing any future children they may produce.


Melissa Haws said...

Wow! this is actually MY dream too! and this post is now printed out for my similar type of folder that is actually a drawer full of ripped out/printed out furniture design ideas of mostly tables and book shelves. Favorite post EVER.

shill said...

i like the one with the bird, so cute :)

Joyce said...

I'll take the mahogany and concrete one! I like the lines and combo of the concrete and wood.

SimplyGrove said...

This was a great post! I heart chairs too:)

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