Thank You Micah!

Wow... thanks Micah for sharing with us your wonderful posts last week! It is always fun to see what a friend/and former classmate is up to, and it looks like you are up to a lot of impressive creative goodness. I especially loved the "Stuff you Do" post (totally not unqualified) and those outrageously cool costumes. I am anxious to see shots of the handmade little fish costume for Simon (his son) this year. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us all!! Check out some of Micah's other projects here.

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micah said...

I don't know if posting that picture is a very good way to thank me (add humorously sarcastic tone here). There sure are a lot of candles and a whole lot of hair.

Really, though, thanks so much again for letting me crash your blog party. It was really enjoyable.

take care.

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