Be courageous & vulnerable by Guest: Angela Hardison

When I was younger, I used to do what I call "air-writing"... kind of like air guitar, except writing letters and spelling words with my pointer finger. I did it all the time -- in cursive, print, and everything between. I guess I've always loved the art of lettering, and the way shapes form to create a language. So naturally, typography (and other lettering found in design) is high on the list of my favorite things.

This invitation set is from the portfolio of Keetra Dean Dixon (a recent recipient of the ADC Young Guns Award. Besides the awesome typography in these pieces, I especially love the messages found in this "small series of cordial invitations." And they seem fitting for my final thoughts to you all:

Make the work you wish you were making.
Share it.
Make with wonder.
Be courageous and vulnerable.


Sarah Bradley said...

I used to do air writing all the time when I was younger and actually still do it occasionally today! My husband once saw me and thought it was a little odd... now I know I'm not the only one! Thanks!

Delicate Creature said...

this is so inspiring and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

so inspiring! thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i'll admit to air writing too. that top card is so beautiful!!

Alex said...

i really enjoyed your series of posts here.
i air-write & i love lettering - wish that was enough to make me as creative & talented as you!

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of an inspiring line that came to me quite unexpectedly as a student studying abroad in London. Riding the Tube one evening, I glanced up to see that a vandal had scratched out part of a safety warning near the train door. "OBSTRUCTING THE DOORS CAN BE DANGEROUS" had become "OBSTRUCT THE DOORS. BE DANGEROUS." To this day, the phrase is written on my inspiration board, and these lines that you have shared would be a perfect addition -- a challenge to push beyond our comfort zone in pursuit of our dreams.

Thank you for a wonderful week of guest blogging, Angela!

dolcidoll said...

This is so beautiful, love it! Thanks.

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