happy flower shop
happy flower shop
happy flower shop

I immediately had a big ole' smile on my face when I came across the flower shop, "Happy" in a Paris train station last fall. Their petite flower arrangements are incredibly charming and inspirational, with bright and beautiful blossoms abounding. I'm still thinking about the endless tiny flower bouquet possibilities. Don't you feel flowers are an essential simple pleasure in life? They make me feel .... well, happy. (What a great name for a flower shop.)


Anonymous said...

I do agree, a perfect name for a flower shop!

Bec said...

Hello! I came across your blog via another inspiring, fun blog and have been "blog stalking" since. I love your posts, and I share your love of all things French. Just the mention of a Paris flower shop makes me feel a little homesick inside. Ah, Paris! Anyway- thanks for the smile. It made me feel, well, HAPPY! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree! I ♥ flowers.

Thanks for sharing.

Jessica said...

Oh, how wonderful!

Jennifer said...

I have a surprise gift for you!

check it out!


x Jen

You Are My Fave said...

This may be the most perfect flower shop in the whole wide world.

karla said...

Flowers make me happy too!

points de vue said...

it IS a cute name, but the french probably pronounce it "appy." hehe. lovely flowers.

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