Tie Your Shoes by guest: Melissa Esplin

The husband introduced me to Ian's Shoelace Site a while ago, and I'm sure the cool train left a while ago with crazy lacing, but this site makes me want to wear lace ups every day just so I can try a new method. Sadly, the only lace ups in my wardrobe are running shoes that don't go with much besides running shorts.


I thought I'd try out some new lace methods on Chris's high-tops (we know high-tops are all the rage) mostly because I wanted to see the cool lacing in action and the laces on his hyperdunks stand out against the black shoe. It took me about 15 minutes to unlace and re-lace each shoe, which wasn't so bad, and I thought my lacing job was pretty awesome until Chris told otherwise. He wanted his shoes tied his way specifically for a tight fit for ball; not nearly as exciting as the lacing pictured above, whatever.

I'm still distraught that I don't have any stylish lace-ups. Oh, how great would be my joy if I could own some crazy lace-ups. Daydreaming. . .


For sportier days I would wear some awesome Nike Air shoes that showcase nearly every blog-worthy color of the rainbow. Maybe I would lace them up lattice style.


For fashion-forward days, I would wear gladiator-style Jeffrey Campbell booties laced up double back style.


amy korngiebel said...

i've had my eye on those nike's for a while. super cool.

i'm completely gaga over the last pair of shoes - great find!

roberta jane said...

I am a huge high-tops fan - They add such a fantastic, quirky element to an outfit. The tricky lacing sounds fun! (And that picture from the Sartorialist is kind of hilarious).

RLMEnglish said...

You should check out the New Balance for Nine Wst collection. I have not seen them yet but the basic idea is that they are supposed to be fashion-forward Nine West shoes with new Balance construction and every pair is to be between $70-$100. there are I guess a few styles already out according to the article I read and they anticipate 20 styles all told. I am looking for to them as I love my NBs but always wish they weren't just... trainers. Anyway I hope that gives you more options in lace-ups! :)

Monadh Ui Neill said...

Lust for these shoes. But they look rally narrow.

cras4 said...

nice taste in shoes

maxigenclik said...

very nice thanks :)

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