How delightful would it be to live within the pages of Bonpoint? I would love any of the above looks for my toddler, or me for that matter. Also, whenever I am on the hunt for cute little boy clothes for a friend or gift, I find it extremely challenging. How about the ones below? Too cute. Yet of course... these all are a little bit on the spendy side.



sarah said...

Seriously these clothes are crazy gorgeous. I couldn't believe they were for kids at first. I would love to own that polka dot skirt myself. Of course my twins don't have parents with an endless budget like Miss Suri Cruise, so they're most often swathed in Old Navy, Baby Gap and H&M.

Yelena said...

such adorable clothes!
i cant believe its kids clothes!
i lovee that first outfit! i would so wear it myself! ;)

jamieofalltrades said...

I'm almost 30 and I would wear any of those looks. I thought they were for adults at first.

Emily said...

that skirt/sweater combo is calling my name. if only i were a toddler.

Kristine said...

Sigh. No-one does children's wear as well as the French. Bonpoint is one of my favourite brands for children's clothes. They get it right every time.

Rose C'est La Vie said...

Terrific. Nothing pink here for the girls!

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