Have a most lovely weekend!

Any exciting plans? We have a weekend full of stuff but I am ready to catch up on a little zzzz.... Happy Friday all!

DIY Cardboard Stampede by Anna Wood
Yellow Shoes by Suzy Lee
Vintage Tourist Cabin from Chicago Home Magazine via simplesong
Mallard Tearooms design by Sarah Walsh seen at Design Work Life
Sailboat photo by Peonies and Polaroids > Follow Studio
Braided Photo (via Funambula)


Lauren From Texas said...

I think I will unplug a little this weekend. I just wrote a post about my family & technology... pretty funny stuff. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I love these pictures - they're so pretty!

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

those yellow shoes are to die for :)

Melissa Blake said...

I love the photo of the yellow shoes!

Cookie Cutter said...

Ooooh love the yellow shoes!

iva yaneva said...

I can feel spring from these lovely photos! :)

Lauren said...

those yellow shoes are incredible! that's my absolute favorite color.

shimu's holiday said...

love Suzy Lee's picture so much!!
it's make me so delight
Pan's Holiday

Samantha said...

i have a pair of vintage yellow shoes like those - but they are dying - do you know where you can buy those shoes from?

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