Charles Harper's Birds & Words

Charles Harper's Birds & Words
Charles Harper's Birds & Words

I looked through this beautiful Charles Harper's Birds and Words book and it is gorgeous! It is my second favorite book with Charley Harper illustrations besides this one but at a much better price.


Vivi said...

"Old Navy" had a matching cards and coloring books and t-shirts for children by Charley Harper last winter. Maybe you can find some on ebay? It was all super cheap and so cute.

Chrissy Johnson said...

I found a copy of this in the basement of my library (I was a children's library aide). The friends of the library housed their used books for their shop and used book sale down there...we were free to peruse the racks all year. I found it stuffed between some large art books. Cost me a dollar. Autographed, too. It was one of those finds of a lifetime!

Caroline said...

I never grow tired of avian art!

Nicole said...

Is your second photo (the embossed linen) a picture of the back of the book? Or is it a special limited edition cover? I looked the book up on Amazon (perfect gift for my mom!), and am just wondering if that beautiful impression is part of the book!

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Hi Nicole,

It is the hardcover of the book when you take the jacket off, pretty huh?

lillie said...

this is great - i love charles harper!

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