Guest Blogger: Brooke Reynolds

This week's guest blogger is Brooke Reynolds and I couldn't be happier. Her blog Inchmark is one of my most favorite to read because it is authentic, and full of ideas that are completely inspiring and original. Have you ever stopped by? Take a look at some of my favorite ideas she has shared like her Spring in a Box...

Brooke Reynolds

Or this adorable party for her daughter...

Brooke Reynolds

and this Magical Thinking jar...

Brooke Reynolds

Incredible huh ... well it's no wonder that she was a former senior art director for Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Kids magazines. (I'm still dreaming for the day when they bring back MS Kids).

Brooke currently dabbles in book design and custom stationery. I am a big fan of her work and recently I know of this book and this book that she designed, and these custom wedding invitations she did pretty much take my breath away.

What I love most about Brooke is that she is a mother of two who continues to pursue her passion of being creative. Her post about the juggling act was inspiring and something I think a lot of creative moms can relate to.

Welcome Brooke, delighted you're here!


Brooke Reynolds

I'm so happy to be here. A big thank you to Rachel for letting me guest
post this week. I'm constantly inspired by Rachel and her blog.. and I'm
so honored she has invited me to share with you a few of my favorite

I'm the mother of two, my daughter Bee is 3 1/2 and my son C is almost
5. I spent ten years living in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but we now call
Southern California home. And though we miss the bright lights of the
big city, we're also pretty happy hanging out at the beach and enjoying
our sunny winters here.

I recently read the book Collections of Nothing, by William Davies King.
Mr. King is an avid collector of what others might disregard as junk.
"Enough odd stuff that, if you looked at each item for just two seconds,
you'd be bored for a long time, if not eternity." But I disagree, and after
reading his memoir, wished I could spend a week or so flipping through
his collections of air mail envelopes, skeleton keys, cigar ribbons
(though he does not smoke) and cat-food labels.

I am a sucker for a collection of almost anything. And even though we
lived in a tiny apartment during our years in New York, I still managed
to keep a few of my own collections (business cards, chopstick holders,
playing cards I found on the street, etc.)

I'll be sharing several of my own "collections of nothing" this week.


Travis said...

Brooke RULES.

made sweet said...

ah i'm excited!!! i love inchmark.

christine said...

LOVE her blog. mostly b/c she doesn't re-blog and link to other blogs (like what most other blogs do).

Anonymous said...

Just visited her blog -- yes, truly awesome.

Stephanie said...

I still think about these fantastic ideas...Brooke's ideas resonate with me as well and provide considerable inspiration.

jamieofalltrades said...

Thanks for the introduction. I love the Spring in a Box. You could do a box for so many things!

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