Palm Pre

Palm Pre

The techy nerd in me is wondering if anyone is getting the Palm Pre that comes out tomorrow? I'm curious to see how it compares with the iphone, should be interesting because so far I've heard it has lots of fabulous features. Then again ... Apple may (key word "may") announce the new launch of their iphone next week too? Oh, the competition...

Besides the whole phone thing, I find it interesting the different ways that these companies position and market themselves. Palm is very open and forthcoming about their phone far in advance while Apple keeps things secretively hush-hush with a short pre-info launch time. Techy tech talk here.... Anyone else thinking about this?

Here is an excellent review on the subject.


Katie said...

There's no "may" about it. Apple is definitely releasing new iPhone models next week. Rumor has it that there will be new 16 and 32GB models, as well as a smaller 4GB model, with a lower rate plan.

Benedicte said...

I won't get the palm-pre because I am an Iphone addict, the kind who could not live any longer without an Iphone. My husband, who is "anti-Apple" (too expensive, too exclusive, too much marketing...) tried various similar phones but admits that no one is as good as the Iphone.

Liz said...

heard the palm pre is amazing. so curious too!

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