Travel Journal Roundup

There are lots of fun travel journals out there to choose from. Here are few of my favorite:

Wanderlust Travel Journal $16.95
Orla Kiely Travel Journal $17.00
International Travel Journal $39.95
Destinations Travel Book $19.95
Galison Travel Journal (illustrated by Lena Corwin) $15.00
Pierre Belvédère Semikolon Small $11.00
Sukie Travel Journal £9.75
Paper + Cup Travel Journal $16.00
Places to Check Out $10.95


orange sugar home said...

what a wonderful selection. you must be filling your journal to the brim with imagery and ideas from your travels.

Vivi said...

do you think it's okay to get one if I only travel from my house to the grocery store?

Jen said...

you really can't have too many journals. never never.

Sara said...

oh man! i think i need them all, then enough adventures to fill them with! x

vanessa joie said...

Oohh I have a bit of a journal addiction. I want a few of these!

Rebecca said...

I love journals! This post is awesome.
I just recently found your blog and started to follow. Glad i did.

RLMEnglish said...

I use journals for all my adventures, travels, everyday doings, and notes to jot for any project I come up to. I love notebooks and journals. These are stunning and fun!

iva yaneva said...

I am always thinking of excuses to get more and more journals :) I just love them!

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