Mamie Gâteaux

Part of the adventure of exploring a city is stumbling across places spontaneously that aren't on the list. Steph and I came across such a place : Mamie Gâteaux that we both agreed is a real Parisian gem. We met a kind and adorable French man working at a cafe who unlocked the door to our window peeking curiosity a few doors down. Come to find out, he and his wife (who is Japanese) own them all.

Mamie Gâteaux

They have a cafe, which I read about later has wonderful tea and baked goods -- still kicking myself for not eating there.

Mamie Gâteaux
Mamie Gâteaux
Mamie Gâteaux
Mamie Gâteaux

A boutique full of his wife's Japanese styled and handmade aprons, towels, chocolate, candies and jam.

Mamie Gâteaux
Mamie Gâteaux
Mamie Gâteaux
Mamie Gâteaux

and a Brocante full of lots of vintage French goodness. All so utterly charming!! It was delightful to see the excellent pairing of French + Japanese cultures and styles mingled together, an absolute favorite combo.

Mamie Gâteaux :
66 rue du Cherche-Midi - 75006 PARIS


Heidi said...

I'm always afraid to stray from my list for fear of falling into a tourist trap. But it looks like you did very nicely here. Such lovely images!

thisisnaive said...

I really must try to visit Mamie Gateaux next time. Your pictures look wonderful and I read on Coco&Me about the delicious food. I think the Japanese lady might have published cookbooks in Japan too!

Kylie said...

i've added it to the list! Thank you. K

style-for-style said...

I'm inspired for my next trip to Paris...thankyou

DolceDreams said...

I am vicariously pretending that I enjoyed Paris as much as you did! Far too long since I have been in one of my favourite cities...thank you for sharing such great pictures...

lee said...

OOOOh, I'm getting even more excited for my trip to Paris now!!!!! Looks wonderful! Thanks.

seesaw designs said...

that place looks pretty much perfect.

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

I love vintage finds!! This shop looks gorgeous.

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