Château de Beynac

Château de Beynac
Château de Beynac
Château de Beynac

I recently recovered some photos from France and when I came across these I thought they felt very October-like and spooky. I toured the Château de Beynac alone on a stormy day with very few people around. It is an amazing castle but it was a bit eerie at times when the thunder and lighting raged, I heard various creaking noises, and thought about the history behind the place. Have you ever been to a spooky castle? This one is very well preserved and was featured in Ever After as well as other films.


Joanna said...

I am SO in the mood for spooky stories with haunted castles and thunder and lightening. I may have to unearth my old copy of The Castle of Otranto this Halloween; it fits the bill perfectly! Thanks for the inspiration.

points de vue said...

mmmmmm la france me manque! :(

Nancy said...

I've been in quite a few castles throughout Europe, but very few to none really rated as spooky! This one definitely fits the bill--love how you captured it on a dark and eerie day.

Love your blog.

Melissa Haws said...

oo, yes, hadleigh castle in England (near my friend Amy's house) it's more like ruins of a castle, and totally haunted.

Reanna said...

I've been to a bunch of European castles, but there is something particular eerie about that one. You captured the Halloween spirt for sure! Yikes!

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