Roxy Marj by guest Eva Jorgensen

Roxy Marj is a fashion designer turned illustrator/blogger. Her style is a winning combination of soft femininity and rustic folksy charm. Lately, I’ve really been loving her new series, Sunday Best, in which she makes a watercolor drawing of what she wears to church each week.

I’m also excited to say that Roxy is the artist behind this month’s print for the Sycamore Club! (Sycamore Street Press’s monthly, limited edition letterpress print project.) It will be for sale in our shop within the next couple of weeks…in the mean time, you can click here if you’d like to see previous Sycamore Club editions.

To learn a little about what inspires Roxy and how she got her start, click here for an interview I did with her recently.

Roxy’s blog:
Roxy’s “Man” blog:
Roxy’s Etsy shop:


Saltina said...

That's a great concept! It reminds me a little of J. Peterman, and the original Banana Republic catalogs (pre Gap). It just tells a nice story.

Amanda said...

What a lovely idea.
thanks for the links. :)
Your blog is quite lovely.

Cookie Cutter said...

What a wonderful idea and way to document a part of one's life. Certainly helps that her watercolour paintings are so beautiful!

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