City Secrets Books

City Secrets Books

I enjoy reading other people's opinions about things, and these City Secrets Insider's Guide books are right up any 'guide book' lover's alley. They are compilations of short essays written by award-winning novelists, writers, poets, directors, producers etc... all revealing and recommending their favorite forgotten, underappreciated and little-known movies and works of literature. They would make a perfect gift for many people on my list that are tricky to shop for. I received them in the mail the other day and was really delighted with their content.

You can find City Secrets Movies and City Secrets Books and the rest of the series including City Secrets travel titles here.


Joanna said...

I love my well-worn copy of City Secrets London. It was my best friend during my London days. I found one of my favorite bookshops in all the world, John Sandoe books, in its pages.

Cinnamon said...

This is a great gift idea. Love the idea of people sharing their secret haunts with us. It's the only way to find the best places really.

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