Google Envelopes

Not in the works yet, but this neat concept Google Map Envelopes designed by Rahul Mahtani & Yofred Molk, would be sweet to send out. If you look close in the images above you can see that you are able to track where you are sending your letter from and its destination all through g-mail -- how cool! (via Yanko Design)

Since the above Envelopes aren't quite a reality yet, ( I guess you could custom make your own) here are a few options that still have that long distance connection.

Check out the website -- Map Envelope that prints mailing envelopes lined with your selected location.

and these Stitching Postcards available at Uncommon Goods.


Daughter Earth said...

I love this idea. I always have to print google maps b/c I have no sense of direction at all and no memory! I always feel bad about wasting the paper but these are so pretty.
Great Idea!!

Anonymous said...

They're so awesome, I want them! Maybe on the inside of the envelope, so I can remain secretive of my location until the letter is opened. Yes, I am a spy now.

KateB said...

Love, love, love this! Love a stitch card, but especially one with a map - imagine charting your path in red thread?! Too fun for a big family trip and keeping little fingers busy.

Anonymous said...

You do such a good job. I'm always delighted to see what you have to share.

the notebook doodles said...

oh my goodness. google should definitely do this :D

Noelle said...

Love this!!! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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