Greens + Glass

There is something universally beautiful about greens behind glass.

(All images from Country Home)


Stephanie said...

Yes, yes, yes. I love greens behind glass, hence my love for terrariums. I've been contemplating my next one...I think I'll stare at these a bit longer and see if I can drum up some more inspiration. Gorgeous images!

Melissa Haws said...

how funny! I also posted about terrariums today. I just got a book from the library about them called "the new terrarium" and I'm way excited to make a few of my own! I absolutely love these ones you've shared. Thanks! Hope you are feeling well Rachel! Let me know if you need anything (I'm happy to V-sit for you any time)

Pixie said...

That is sooo cool. I love them! I have a very small apartment and no real space for plants but I can see something like this, lined up on the window sill.

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