Joan Jett

Joan Jett

I am a fan of pretty much every book that Ammo Books comes out with, and when I received this book about born-rock star Joan Jett, it was no exception. Joan Jett is one of the first to mother the femme-rock explosion during the 1970s with some definite punk attitude (like you can see in her pose above). Check out this video clip of her famous 'cover song' to be reminded of why she is such a legend. As usual, Todd Oldham does a brilliant job of authoring and designing the book, which is chalk full of tribute photos and other highlight moments chronicling Jett's career. You can find the book here.

There is also a movie out called the Runways which shares how she at age 15, along with others started one of the first all girl bands. Rock on! I think I will have some of her songs stuck in my head today.

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Suzanne said...

oooh i will definitely have to check out that book - thanks for sharing! i love joan jett.
and the runaways. i'm hoping to go see that movie this weekend (it FINALLY came to my town just today!) can't wait!

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