Pretty Peonies

I wanted to share with you the flowers sitting on my desk that are making me happy this week -- my favorite, Peonies. Hope you are having a lovely week, for me this week has flown by I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already -- yahoo!

I usually always take out one or two flowers from the bunch to put in a vase for the little Miss and her desk :)


The Franglaise said...

Peonies are just beautiful flowers. I had never really noticed them before this spring but they have now become one of my favourite. I have a bouquet of pink and white peonies sitting on my chemney at the moment :)

{Amanda} said...

Peonies...ah, my favorite flower :) My wedding bouquet had many in it from my Mom's garden! I live in Germany now with my Army husband & cannot wait to go to some Markets for some fresh cut peonies of my own! ♥

* *

kendall k. said...

I love, love, love peonies! and what a beautiful fuchsia color.
thanks for sharing.


Lili said...

that singular peony in the glass bottle is the cutest thing ever. :) what a sweet gesture on your part. I think I'm going to start doing that - buy just one blossom and find a gorgeous glass bottle to hold it in.

Erin said...

Peonies are the best. I have that same screensaver on my imac too:)

Marthe said...

They are beautiful!

I am longimg for some peonies myself, but I have decided not to buy cut flowers before I go travelling, need to save up!

dulci said...

Peonies are my absolute favorite!!

Cristina said...

I LOVE peonies! I tried planting them in the garden but I must be doing something wrong, I only get lots of leaves and no flowers :(
Peonies are romantic, gorgeous and smell heavenly...need to scout the market to find some!

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