The Cliff House

The Cliff House
The Cliff House
The Cliff House

Ooh la la... check out this Cliff House in India by Khosla Associates. Who wouldn't want to spend some time in that pool? Insanely cool, no? The rest of the house is just as amazing.

(Photography by Bharath Ramamrutham as seen at the Contemporist via the Architecture blog)


kendal croix. said...

i am in awe of that beautiful hoe.

Unknown said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

oh my. That is just incredible.


margot said...

What!? How does stuff like this even exist? In fact, it may even be a mirage, it's just that awesome.

Cinnamon said...

OH. My. God. I cannot believe this house. It's amazing!

katie said...

how peaceful. I would never leave that lounge chair!

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Beautiful! So sleek and simple but so very beautiful.

Love your blog!

With love,
Rachel xx

The Woven Life said...

Gorgeous! I want to transport there right this second. Oh, wait I just did. Thanks for that. Love the pendant light fixture.

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