Red, White, and Blue

Inspired by red, white and blue... Have a most lovely 4th of July weekend everyone! Have any fun plans? I am looking forward to watching some fireworks and maybe making a berry pie or trifle. See you Tuesday!

"Freedom is never free. ~Author Unknown"

{Martha Stewart Trifle / Flag Stamps / Egg Press Wrapping Paper / bicycle photo (via beautiful) Large Arles Market Tote (via For Me, For You) / High Sea Dress / Explosions in the Sky Poster by Micah Max (via Twig & Thistle) / Shimmer Bib Shirt}


sylvie said...

what a wonderful way to kick off the holiday weekend! in true black*eiffel form, these images are utterly inspiring. love!

have a glorious fourth, miss rachel!

sylvie of silver lining

La Boheme said...

The last girl looks great in her shorts! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

Jennifer Young said...

what a phenomenal post!!! thank you so much!!

Joanna said...

This is the best ode to the 4th I've seen yet. Such wonderful images to capture the spirit of the holiday. Happy 4th to you!

Kimberly said...

I adore everything in this post! I don't know if I want to applaud you or curse you!!!

Unknown said...

Hey, since I find your blog super cool, you're given a blog award from me:) Check it out here:

kendall k. said...

These are perfect photos to kick off a great weekend.

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous collage! HAPPY 4th!

Maryellen said...

Yes, please, to that red skirt. Wonderful collage--thank you!

kiki said...

Nice inspiration. That bike photo is beautiful. I think I will go ride my bike now! Happy 4th!

Pingos do Céu said...

Interesting choice. Happy 4 July!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yum. The berries look awesome.

JustJoan said...

Great images!
Happy Independence Day!

Unknown said...

what a perfect way to some up the holiday weekend- happy 4th!


Charlotte said...

The navy bag is to die for! I've been looking for a new summer tote- and I think I've just found it.

Lovely at Your Side,

Piper Larson said...

Beautiful quote! And I love the bike photo. Hope you had a happy 4th.
XO Piper

Sweet Freak said...

Oh... I missed this last week, but it's ever-so-fashionable now & forever!

ag. said...

I'm a Canadian but can't help but love the red, white and blue!
The perfect photos for the 4th! LOVE!

Jessica Rae said...

i loooooove the bike and skirt picture.. its everything summer should be!
xo JessicaRae

Unknown said...

Love all these images! Especially the bike --- I have a new header -- come by and you'll see why! Elizabeth

{Amanda} said...

Beautiful photos, wonderful blog! I'm glad I found you!

♥ Happy Fourth of July Weekend! ♥

{kms} said...

so perfectly lovely! xo.

lesley said...

gorgeous roundup! hope you had a stellar fourth.


Pro-Portional said...

I love, love, love that bike shot. So hard to go wrong with one

Sarah Engel said...

this is a perfect inspiration for summer and 4th of july. hope you had a great weekend! xo

Unknown said...

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