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I had 'good intentions' to do some canning this season, but I am not sure if I will be able to get around to it with the baby coming and all. I tried it for the very first time last year -- canning some various jams and it has been delightful to pull some fresh and delicious jam off of our shelves all year long. Although I know people have been doing it for ages, have you noticed the growing trend and increased canning exposure all around the last few years? It is popping up all over the place and there are lots of lovely things to make your canned goods look pretty along with great new resources too. Here are a few that caught my eye.

1: Canning for a New Generation : This book by Liana Krissoff came out this month, and I received a nice copy in the mail, it a most excellent canning resource and even has labels in the back of the book you can use.
2: Although a bit on the spendy side, these Weck jars are stunning.
3: Pretty Fabric Jar Covers -- which you can also DIY if you are more crafty.
4: Canning & Preserving with Ashley English - I haven't seen this book in person, but it looks wonderful.

5: Chalkboard Labels : Cool for not only canning, but other projects too.
6: Stainless Steel Funnel : Simply beautiful.
7: Retro Canning Set : Looks like a great packaged set.
8: Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It : I checked this out at the library and it has some fantastic looking recipes.

Other Ideas:
I love the idea of making labels inspired by these, or these.
Here is a great idea if you have leftover canning jars and kids -- clever!

Inspiring posts about Canning & Labels :
This Strawberry Lemon-Grass Jam looks delicious.
If you are reluctant to can -- you can make yummy freezer jam.
Ez did a beautiful tutorial and free printable tags for your jars here.
Jessica did a very informative post for Canning for beginners .

What about you? Have you tried canning before? Are you a preserving expert? Share with us your favorite things to preserve and successful recipes you've tried. If you have seen other great posts and canning tips-- hit up the comments section with your links and share your finds.


Rachel Swan said...

So perfect! I made jam yesterday, but I'm pretty new at all of this canning stuff. Thanks for the awesome list!

If you want a yummy recipe, I posted mine today:


Anonymous said...

Ah, I want every one of those books! This is my first year canning on my own, although I've played side-kick once or twice before with family. There's something so exciting about having your own homemade goodies stored up in the cupboard.

I've actually thought of using those pretty Weck jars to give jam to neighbors during the holidays.

Becky at VintageMixer said...

Great post! I was just thinking of doing my first canning project this week. I have loads of tomatoes in my garden. Thanks for the info!

Marthe said...

I have never tried to can anything, but the next year from now is going to be the year I learn to cook.. So I might check it out! I also love to have all sorts of food available at home!

Since we have a small household, food that can stay preserved for long periods of time are ideal for us! :)

Tracey said...

Mr C is addicted to pickled onions and eggs.

forget.me.knot.weddings said...

Such a great post! Thx for sharing!

Erin B. said...

I am a canning addict! I started with easy things like jam and jelly and now I'm branching out to more exciting things like pickles and chow chow! I love it!! :)

Sydney Lawyers said...

home made is the best. love xx

Gold Coast Lawyers said...

Just look at those colors so natural really yummy

stephanie said...

I just bought Ball's Blue Book of Canning and I am really excited to can peaches this year. Next year I really plan to do a lot of canning, since I think it's such a nice idea. And right now there are so many resources to help newbies.

I love Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It. All the recipes I have made out of it have turned out really well. Next on the list is bacon!

fleur_delicious said...

So far this summer I've made (and blogged):

champagne-rhubarb jelly


rosehip jam


and watermelon rind pickles, which are becoming something of a signature for me - I've got my neighbours' extended family making them now! I even branched out and made spicy ones, at my husband's request - definitely a new favorite.



Photos on Canvas said...

Nice ideas all round ! Thanks

Good Canvas Printing said...

Isn't it so incredibly satisfying to make your own food and can it for whenever you like, knowing exactly what went into making it?

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