Nuno Magazine

Nuno Magazine

There are lots of autumn and forest inspired craft ideas in the new online magazine Nuno created by Elizabeth Abernathy Graham and Rachel Abernathy Braff. I was emailed a copy to preview today and it is well-done & beautiful. I am especially charmed by the beautified paperbacks and artist's pocketbelt. You can preview the issue here or download it for $5.

(photography by Elizabeth Abernathy Graham, Rachel Abernathy Braff and Royce Graham)


Ashley said...

Have you seen your name featured in Martha Stewart? Oh my goodness!! Congratulations!

I could have told them you were a must-read!

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Ashley -- you are so sweet. Thank you very much. I found out from another blogger today, I had no idea.

Jessica Szeto said...


Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for your lovely post on our magazine!

rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Elizabeth -- my pleasure, way to go!

Hila said...

this is a lovely magazine!

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