Guest Blogger: Hila Shachar

Hello, my name is Hila Shachar and I’m an author from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve recently completed my PhD in English and Cultural Studies and I’m now an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Western Australia. I’m also one of the writers for The Australian Ballet’s blog, Behind Ballet.

I spend most of my days absorbed in words and images as part of my current research project, to which my little blog, le projet d’amour, is devoted. Both my fictional and academic writing has been published in various books and journals, and I’m working on a few of my own books at the moment, one of which I will share with you here.

I like all manner of things and I’m generally fascinated by the world. I will share what inspires, amuses and enthrals me. Many thanks to the lovely Rachel for letting me guest blog for the week, and I hope you enjoy my posts.


Odessa said...

hi hila! good to see you here :)

Hila said...

hello Odessa! thanks for visiting me here :)

Rina said...

Hila is great! I loved this post! hurray!

Hila said...

thanks Rina!

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