Montessorium Apps

Montessorium Apps

Thanks to the tip from SwissMiss I bought this app called Intro to Letters by Montessorium yesterday for my iphone and three-year-old to use. It is a real breath of fresh air to come across educational programs that are so impeccably well-designed like this one. What a gorgeous app for kids! Montessorium also created an Intro to Math app and there is more to come - including a moveable alphabet app with sweet illustrations, yippee!

Montessorium Apps


summar said...

ooh, this makes me want an iphone even more. *sigh*

j said...

ooO, thanks for this. i'm totally going to get this app for the ipad.

Make, Do and Send said...

so nice to see an app for kids that has been thoughtfully designed...there are some really ugly apps out there for the little ones.

My one year old nephew loves Peekaboo Barn from Night and Day Studio. The illustrations are fun plus he doesnt seem to mind there are only 3 animals on the light version, he watches over and over again lol :)

L'Escapadou said...

yes that's very nice apps and I recommend them as well ! I'm also the creator of another Montessori app on the iPhone/iPad and some people may also be interested in this app: it's called Montessori Crosswords and it uses the famous Movable Alphabet. You can check it at The design is not as pure as these apps but kids usually love it!

thequeenofquirk said...

thank you so much for this! :) i just downloaded the letters and math ones. i would love to find some more good apps for wee ones. :) thank you!

Unknown said...

There are several Montessori apps out there featuring a variety of activites. The Montessori Hundred Board is really well done. Looks exactly like the classroom materials!

Seema Karecha said...

I am Seema, a mother to two little angels. I have recently developed two apps for children. Thought of sharing them with you.
Just Numbers :
Just ABCD :
Have a nice day.

Maggie said...

Really lovely apps.....some other good ones are from a London company called Made in Me - they make Ladybird Classic Me Books - vintage fairytales narrated by some great British comedians and then you can record your own versions. They also do a beautiful app called The Land of Me: Story Time which is just exquisite and totally charming.

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