Kate Spade Books

kate spade books

Have you seen these fun new short stories from Kate Spade in collaboration with Strand -- how cute are they? They had seven writers incorporate the phrase, "she is quick and curious and playful and strong" at some point in their story. They've been added to my wish list for sure.


sylvie said...

welcome back, rachel!! hope you, your love and the little one are having a ball together :)

i heart these new kate spade books. when i worked for them a few years ago, my favorite pieces were {and still are} their paperie and book collections. ridiculously clever and oh-so-charming, i have to have them!

thanks for sharing these beauties!

sylvie of silver lining

J. Rene' said...

Very cute. So Kate. Hope the baby is letting you get some sleep!


rachel @ blackeiffel said...

Thanks Sylvie -- you work at the best places!

J. Rene -- I wish I got more sleep but that is the nature of newborns, right?

carolyn said...

so cute! my coffee table needs these immediately :)

JWK said...

Precious! Already added to my wish list :)

Chiara said...

I love the covers of those books!!!

Notes from Holly St. said...

love this...they would look so beautiful sitting on a bookshelf!

Alisa: a pina colada said...

Love these! What a great find. Welcome back! Hope you and the babe are doing great. :)

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Oh my goodness! These are aboslutely adorable. I love Kate Spade so I am sure these would be fantasticly adorable.

Wish list for sure! :)


Luli said...

Wow, these are lovely. I have a Kate Spade Nook cover, so now I need to check these out as well. Thank you for blogging about them for me to discover. :)

Melissa said...

I have been trying to find these, but cant seem to get them anywhere. Any idea when or where they will be available?

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