Paste SF

I'm completely charmed by the clever collage work of Denise Fiedler at Paste SF . The three collages shown here would make a lovely summery triptych. (The tee is especially great: love its stripey feel.) If you're a dog lover, don't miss the wide variety of Paste SF dog collages. Custom projects are also available if you have a certain someone (or "some dog") in mind. I'm so glad to have discovered Denise's art through House Beautiful magazine. Definitely brings a smile to my face.

(images courtesy of Denise Fiedler)

Post by guest blogger: Jane Potrykus from Simple + Pretty


J. Rene' said...

These are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

I love this site - so many beautiful collages, thanks for the link, I have posted some chairs too!

Gloria said...

The dog collages are so cute! I laughed out loud when I saw "Scruffy" - hilarious

Caroline said...

I purchased the castle collage over the summer in a little boutique in Rhinebeck, NY! I'm so glad that these are getting some recognition! Was planning on posting about them on my blog soon.

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