Martha Stewart Gift Guide

Martha Stewart Gift Guide
I am excited to share with you my holiday gift guide for Martha Stewart. See all of my selections here. I also have a few more gift guides headed your way that I have had so much fun creating, can't wait to share them with you!


seesaw said...

yah! so wonderfully amazing. we are extremely grateful for your continued support.
much love.

Ashley said...

I, too, love the three-piece Heath vase set. They've been on my list since they debuted in October. Hope I see them under the tree!

Luli said...

Wow. It's a wonderful and beautiful list.

Julie said...

This is my fav gift guide that I have seen so far. Everything looks so great together. Please feel free to check out my gift guide that I posted on my blog today. They're so fun!


Le pirate said...

Martha Stewart is the best!



Modern Palm Boutique said...

That made my day to see that our Kobo candles made your gift list! Thank you Rachel!
And I must say that I love this gift list.
Fantastic picks!
Oh, and I have to agree on the Kobo Candles. Seriously, these are in my store because I'm obsessed with how fresh and amazing the scents are... and with the gorgeous packaging. I just got a note from a customer who recently purchased these and said, "I love this candle so much I want to marry it!" Now that is love, right?! :)
Modern Palm

Katie said...

Great list! But I wonder what's up with 5 out of 8 lists including the Sony Reader...

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

so awesome! love it all.

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