The World by Paula Scher

I've shared with you these amazing map paintings by Paula Scher before, but now the prints are on sale at 20x200. The size I would like (30x40) is a bit out of my price range, but you could snap up other map sizes for less. Although, I'm not sure why at the lower $50 range you can only buy randomly selected map sections -- so you wouldn't know what you are getting, but eh ... I guess that could be cool? Have a peek if you are interested, it is such a cool map.


Madeline said...

This is fantastic! What an amazing find. I'm obsessed with maps lately too. And globes.
But the details and colors in this one are crazy. And expensive. Ugh.

The Everything List said...

that is cool!

stop by and enter the giveaway!

theappletea said...

really colorful one :) great choice! :)

Best! Ola a.

lauren montanaro norster said...

As a cartographer/map maker of sorts, I love this piece and her work! Thanks for sharing!

becka @ life as an artistpreneur said...

I'm a sucker for unique maps!

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