Speaking Digitally: Lion + Meeble Mail

Summer often seems to me like a time to shake things up, so here at Black Eiffel I am going to be bringing you some new regular features that I have been working on and am really excited about! My first new feature is called 'Speaking Digitally' where I will highlight and talk about my nerdy obsession with all things related to technology. Are you a tech-nerd too? Do speak up.

I guess you may understand a bit of my technology fascination when I tell you about what happened this morning. Quietly in the dark to not wake our girls, my husband and I huddled around our computer as we installed Lion early this morning. Are we geeks or what? Did you Mac users download it already today? I'm excited explore the new features and I am thrilled that the update is only 30 bones. Roar!

Another cool thing I recently learned about is Meeble Mail, which is an online website that helps you add a little fancy flair to your emails with their pretty designed stationery templates. It inserts directly into your many email clients like gmail, yahoo and more. Simply select and purchase your email stationery for around $4.99, customize it and you are off and you can use the stationery as much as you want. I dig that they have stationery designs from some of my favorite stationery designers like Jack and Lulu, Linda & Harriett as well as fashion designer's patterns.

Although I am partial to receiving an old school pretty letter in the snail mail, this is a perfect option to make your email stand out with style. Learn more about Meeble Mail here and check out all of the other fun stationery templates.


MG said...

Love meeble mail! I use it for work occasionally.

DENISE. said...

So exited for the new feature, great idea! Please let us know what you think of Lion as you get into it. I heard there were a bunch of bad things happening once it's installed so I waited. Can't wait to hear what you think.

Ana Degenaar said...

Love meeble!

Sharon said...

Thanks for writing about MeebleMail! It puts a huge smile on my face! I'm also a tech nerd - back since the early 90s - I worked for a consumer products reporter and was hooked!

Happy Emailing!
Sharon Gaffney
Co-Founder, MeebleMail

Jamie said...

I'm going to LOVE this series! I can't wait to hear what you think of Lion, I've spent the day reading the reviews and trying to decide whether to go for it now or wait a bit.

Anonymous said...

I've been using cocodot for the past year, which I love, but cannot personalize. MeebleMail is perfect for the personal touch market. Thank you for sharing!

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