Fall Clutch Love

My days are usually spend carrying around a diaper bag so every once in a while I dream of a closet full of cute little clutches, they aren't the most practical for me at the moment, but they sure are dang beautiful to look at. Here are some pretty fall favorites... Are you a clutch kind of gal?

1 2 3 4 5 6

(Come to find out #1 is a wallet, here is the clutch version in lime.)


Amanda Conley said...

Love. clutches.!!
But I'm in your boat. Extra large purse for baby. But oh, I can envision in my mind's eye the time a comin' when I'll be carrying only my money, license, keys and phone!

Barbara Franceschini said...

i love all of them! but, being sincerly, i love all bags!!!ahahhaha


Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills said...

I use a clutch when I go out to dinner with my husband or do something with the girls... so I have a few clutches hanging around. #2 and #6 are SO lovely!

Arlene said...

Oooh what a great collection of clutches! They sure do look nice. Like you, I love the idea of them and a lot of them are so pretty but it just doesn't work for my lifestyle. I usually have a carryall with me. I love my big bags too.

Brittany said...

i love #2. way too expensive for me, though.

FanFamFun said...

ooooh those are super cute. i do love a nice clutch, but i am more of the 'canvas tote bag full of raisins and rice cakes' kind of gal at the minute. but i do have a beautiful pink lizard skin clutch that was my great grandma's. i pull it out for date nights with the hubby. x

classiq said...

Yes, I am, I would wear clutches every day. The Chloé clutch is sublime!

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