Happy Moments + Have a Great Weekend!

I looked over while fixing some yummy farro soup last night for dinner (recipe from this book) and our little India climbed up on a chair and started playing with blocks. It melted my heart and I can't believe how time can pass in a blink.

It was a reminder to me how much more I want to cherish the present and those small little moments of joy, something that I need to do more often. I'm working on being more conscious and aware of the details. Putting my bare feet in the grass, really feeling the chilly rain on my face, and checking out the different shaped suds and colors in the sink from the clean dishes.

How do you savor the happy moments?

Have a great weekend all!


Manding. said...

my sister's little one is turning two this weekend. weeping. babies are life's reminder that life by goes by too fast. love this post.
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Anonymous said...

ohhh!!! really sweet shot!! *.*

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Liz Stanley said...

oh my goodness, we have the same adorable kids chairs. have a great weekend!

TwinkleBee said...

At first look i thought this was an old picture of V. Wow they are looking so much a like! At least in this shot! Miss you guys!

Unknown said...

So cute! Have a great weekend!

Lauren at TwIn Style said...

I made a very conscious effort to be aware of the small moments during my wedding after so many people told me that the day goes by in a whirl. I haven't applied that same advice to my everyday life, which seems silly. But I am really enjoying my life right now, and trying to be aware and thankful of how lucky I am to have what I have.

Anonymous said...

such a precious photo:)

time does past by real fast - we just celebrated my lil man's 3rd birthday.
everytime he's quietly sitting on his own and eating his meal with his tiny self, chubby cheeks and all, and just looking content, i just have to stop and smile and take it all in. moments like those just tug at my heart too much.


Rachel said...

Totally feel the same way. I'm trying to savor every minute with my 15 month old. Whenever I'm having a hard time feeling "present," I always think of the quote: "today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope."

Sweet Freak said...

I love your spirit. And I agree: sometimes the deepest joy can be found in just a moment, a look, a memory, a detail... Sometimes I walk around my apartment and really *look* at everything and I think about when and where I got it and what it means to me. And when I eat, I try to really concentrate on the flavors and to chew slowly and savor. Sometimes it's just my morning coffee with creamy soy milk that does it, or I'll dance to David Byrne... yep, it's the little things! Happy weekend!

SoHoEffect said...

Isn't this what life is all about? Enjoying every second of it?

Many people (okay.. I think most of us!) live most of there lifes unconciously, unaware of the greatness every little moment brings with it.

I think the only way to really live life to its fullest, is to calm down in our hectic every-day life and get this special awareness through serving others (volunteer work, family life etc.) and finally doing some of the things we always wanted to do (even if it's small things)

Stephanie said...

She is a cutie that India!

So glad you made it to the beach too--one of California's greatest treasures indeed.

And regarding noticing the details...so very important. When you share your observations aloud consistently with your kids, they will start noticing the world's wonders too. It's a beautiful cycle...


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