Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday friends! We are now in full spring break mode around here and the girls are bouncing off the walls because they are excited about our trip to Portland and Seattle. I look forward to hanging out with family and friends and am curious to see how the Pacific Northwest has evolved, it has been way too long since I've been back.

We have a few things planned, but are always up new adventures. If you were to spend 'a perfect day' in Portland, what shouldn't be missed, what about Seattle? Good eats and treats, shops, good spots for kids etc. Hit up the comments. I always love your suggestions, they are spot on.  I will be sharing shots along the way on Instagram : @blackeiffel. Have a wonderful weekend all!

*ps. Do any of you stay up ridiculously late before a trip packing and getting things ready? I have a definite bad habit I've got to kick.


Nicole said...

You must go to Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle for me. I dream about that place.

There is also a cool shop named Fancy (also in Seattle). It was near The Moore Hotel which I also recommend. Just make sure not to get a Euro room, unless your in to sharing a bathroom.

Chelsea said...

Eat at Lardo!!! Best sandwich in the world.

Victoria said...

If you can sneak out without the kids one night, stop by the Matador for Happy Hour in Seattle. They have the BEST steak tacos around! Have a fun trip:)

Pamela said...

Must check out Coava Coffee in Portland for coffee and snacks. For dinner or brunch I would highly recommend The Woodsman, delicious!

Ling Ling said...

Agua verde serves yummy Mexican food with a salsa bar along the waterfront for decent prices. It is at the university of Washington. Then walk to the quadrangle st UW to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom! St = at ... for some reason I can't edit that

TJ said...

near the space needle, there is this giant fountain. it is set deep in the ground, and the ground all around it goes down to the fountain. there is music playing (i think) and my kids had a blast running around it, trying not to get sprayed, and having a blast. you must get some cheese curds at beecher cheese, get some clam chowder at pikes chowder on post alley, try some drinking chocolate at the cheesecake place, go take a picture by the gum wall, go see the cool lights on the backside of the market where the steps go down....we just moved from WA and i miss seattle!!

Kylie said...

If you've never done the Seattle Underground Tour, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's a walking tour- there were a couple kids in our group so I believe it's kid-friendly. Also, visiting the Columbia Center Skyview. You talk to the man at the desk inside, pay $5 for a ticket, and are escorted to the 73rd or 74th floor for a not-quite-360-but-still-so-amazing view Of Seattle. These two things and breakfast at Liege Waffles were highlights of our trip last November. Have a good time!!

Bernie and Doll said...

There's a cute little family home in Beaverton. Small, but they offer good eats and great hospitality...I highly recommend stopping by!

olive said...

hi rachel, my husband and i moved from sf to portland four years ago and we love it!! we live in the north portland area and there are some amazing restaurants and shops. check out mississippi ave - there's a great selection of thai, mexican and everything in between. not to mention the best biscuits and fried chicken (pine state biscuits) and ice cream (salt and straw) on NE alberta (arts district) my husband is an apprentice at skin & bones bistro and they focus on slow food - another great place! sorry to keep going on and on - can't help myself. have a great trip to the northwest! ~olive

Anonymous said...

Instead of spending $20 to go up the Space Needle, you can take in the view from the tallest building in Seattle (Columbia Tower) for free. You can pay to go to the top, as someone else mentioned, but you can also see an amazing view for free from the Starbucks on the 40th floor. The downside is the building is only open during the work-week.

If it's a nice day, take a picnic to Gasworks Park -- with a great view of the downtown skyline -- or visit the Olympic Sculpture Park downtown on the water.

If you'll be here on the first Thursday of the month, most museums around town have free admission.

For lunch at Pike Place Market, try the sandwich shop Michou -- they have tasty panini-type sandwiches in about 20 varieties, sweet treats, and tasty sides.

Chris said...

In Seattle in the Ballard neighborhood you must go to Cafe Besalu. James and his wife make all the pastries by hand. I live out of state now and jones for his ginger biscuits and a breve!

sewfarandaway said...

Steelehead Diner in Seattle on Pine (95 Pine) in the market, always tell friends and it ends up being their favorite.
Monsoon on capital hill or their casual lunch version just up the hill from the Paramount, baguette box. Their Vietnamese specialties served on baguettes...yum.
A walk in Olympic Sculpture Park or a ride on the monorail.
We did the duck tour when we lived there and it was actually a great way to see the city.
Have fun!

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm crossing my fingers you get some sunshine! I've lived in Seattle and now live in PDX... here's a few suggestions:


-Sitka and Spruce restaurant is amazing.
-Go to Alki - it's in West Seattle (which is a schlep but has great views of the city with the ferry) And when you are there go to Bakery Nouveau - the best French bakery outside of Paris!
-Pike Place Market is a must! (Great hum bow and dumplings!)
- Go the the Seattle Library (downtown) Great photo opportunities, free and beautiful (it's a Rem Koolhaus)

Make sure to hit the major neighborhoods:
NW and Pearl: Fun to walk the boutiques and check out Powells books

SE: Hawthorne is fun to walk around starting at 32nd -39th
Clinton neighborhood has a great Swedish restaurant for b-fast called Broeder
NE: Alberta Street to see some of the galleries and boutiques

Have a great time! Can't wait to see the photos. Your blog is always inspiring and beautiful. It will be fun to see it through the Black Eiffel lens.

Dellah said...

Oh my goodness, although it isn't the night before, The hubby an dour 2 boys leave NYC for Arizona in 5 days an i'm having anxiety attacks because we aren't packed. I think it's kind of surreal that we are going away.. tomorrows another day!
Safe Travels to you, I just stumbled upon your blog and I likey! :)

Caitlin Shay said...

In Seattle, you HAVE to go to Molly Moons. It is in Capitol Hill, but they also serve her ice cream at The Chocolate Box which is near The Market.

Caitlin Shay said...

In Seattle, you HAVE to go to Molly Moons. It is in Capitol Hill, but they also serve her ice cream at The Chocolate Box which is near The Market.

Elicia said...

I love your bag, where is it from??

Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne said...

Have a great time Rachel! I wish I can give you some suggestions but I've never been to both places. For traveling, I actually like to make a list of stuff I need to pack the day or two before and then wake up ridiculously early in the morning to pack. Talk about last minute, right?!

Have a great time! Will follow your adventure on Instagram!

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