Little Esop

These vintage modern children's looks from Little Esop are fantastic; they look timeless with the perfect amount of mix and matching, fun stripes, and prints. After reading more about Little Esop today I was happily surprised to see that the designer Judy Posey uses organic fabrics and the line is sustainable. I am all for having high quality items that last. My girls are growing like weeds lately and this time around I am working on making better choices so the clothing can be worn down the line again on our littlest one. Little Esop (isn't that name perfect?!) just started selling online here and I just put all of these items on my girl's wish list.


Karena said...

So, so adorable and I love the artistic pieces below as well.

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Art by Karena

Melissa Tipson-Mohr said...

So cute! The Chambray romper is the sweetest!

Holly said...

ah, so cute! i find out 3 days if im having a girl or boy and if that black and white dress will be purchased ;)

cheekybaby said...

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