Kinfolk comes to San Francisco

Kinfolk Magazine is a breath of fresh air in every way. Their overall philosophy for their website and publication celebrates the joy of living through intimate small gatherings.

Over the weekend I attended the Kinfolk Dinner Series -- which happened to be a brunch at Heirloom Cafe in San Francisco and I was delighted to be in a room full of such creative and genuine people. The whole event focus was to sit down to share a delicious meal with people that you have never met before and I did just that (the 2nd photo above is actually a polaroid shot of our table by Heidi from 101 Cookbooks). Between a recent move, my line of work, and being a mother of young children, I often find myself having more virtual conversations than the face to face kind. This event reminded me of the radiant energy you can draw from strangers who after a beautiful meal and nice conversation become more familiar. Everything from the food, to the gorgeous florals and delightful farmer's market like experience were top notch. All of the event partners knocked my socks of and it was meaningful to see such support for experiences like this. I look forward to seeing more from Kinfolk and their dinners across the country.

(photos // by me except - the top polaorid by Heidi )


American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Wow, that sounds so wonderful. We recently moved to France and in "starting over" meeting people, I joined an International Women's club. I had that same vibrant, exciting feeling sitting at a table getting to know strangers. I love that concept of taking time to connect with others over a nice relaxing meal. Thanks for sharing - nice to know something like that exists in the US.

RAY said...

This is beautiful and seems like such a perfectly fulfilling occasion for you. xxx

Fresh Daily Deal at Wakanetwork said...

Love the flower arrangement and such a beautiful and stunning photos!

Dottie said...

A Kinfolk dinner sounds like the best thing ever. I also love the magazine. I like how you describe its affect - reminding one how to improve daily living. This affect is different from mainstream magazines, which sorta just make one feel lesser than because one's life is not picture perfect. Simply sitting down with a copy of Kinfolk, turning the thick, textured pages, makes my daily living a little bit better.

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