Perfect Summery Pasta

Do you ever watch the food network while doing cardio? Probably not the best combo for obvious reasons, but this time I was glad to tune in briefly because Giada was making this delicious pasta dish.

We do this silly thing in our home called meal grades especially for new recipes. After we go around the table discussing our highs and lows of the day, I ask for a rank of the meal between 1 and 10. I don't know if I shot myself in the foot by doing this, but it is helpful to see what my family really likes to eat and their individual preferences. For example, V gave me a 5 on first taste of last night's dinner (Pueblo Rice) but it slowly changed upwards to a 8 on her last bite. As for this dish, our kids gobbled it up and really enjoyed it (although V set aside the zucchini and tomatoes). It was ranked 10 by all, and a great recipe especially for the kids. Do you do meal grades at your house?

*Notes : As for this recipe I've made it twice and I think the key is the great mascarpone, I also add a bit more orange juice. Also note to cook your sausage (or protein you want to add) before you assemble the dish.

(photo : Rachel Jones)


American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Great - thanks...I know what I'm making for potluck lunch tomorrow!

jacquelyn | lark+linen said...

I will not deny that I have a girlcrush on Giada and anything she whips up
I will for sure give this one a shot!

Little Tranquility said...

I LOVE Giada. She is gorgeous and everything she makes looks perfect. This looks so yummy!

Hilary said...

I'm giving this a try today. :)

Karina Cifuentes said...

Adding orange juice to recipes is my secret weapon! Especially for spaghetti with a thick and creamy marinara sauce.

Stephanie said...

I am always on the lookout for a great pasta recipe and I've good luck with Giada's before so perhaps this needs to be added to the repertoire. Her Everyday Italian is totally on my wishlist. Is this in that book I wonder?

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