Hi readers, popping in to say hello because the last little while has been kind of nuts. The girls and I headed north on a last minute road trip to visit my mom who broke her femur / hip in a bike accident, and was having some serious recovery issues. She is doing better now but has a long road ahead, we are very glad to see her on the mends.

Life can be unexpected and route you in different ways sometimes. I'm reminded again and have more gratitude for the things that really matter most.

Give those near and close to you a hug and kiss for me.


photo // The Great Salt Lake shot by V in the car with my phone.


Mom said...

Thanks so much for coming to vist me!
It was so good to see you and the girls,
It sure brighten my days!
Love Mom

Hip Organizer said...

She broke her femur bone, I heard that was a 10 on the pain scale. Have her check out Brian Regan on the hospital routine might cheer her up. Good luck to her on the recovery.

Collections said...

wow this photograph is beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

You are missed!

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful. Hope your mom gets better soon!

xo, Jessica @ Jessica's Jewels

Lexi said...

So sorry about your mom - hope she is okay! Life has a crazy way of throwing you for a loop.
♡ Lexi
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Denise Wong said...

makes me dream. Love the blue sky and the lake Rachel!

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