Inspired by : Anouk Kruithof

Anouk Kruithof from the Netherlands (currently residing in New York City) creates some absolutely brilliant stuff. Her conceptual work is interdisciplinary in nature where photography is the starting point. I am mesmerized and incredibly inspired by her work. Here are a few of my favorites she has created.

2. Enclosed Content Chatting Away in the Colour Invisibility

To get an idea of Anouk's cool personality and conceptual mind, watch this video clip.

I especially liked how she talked about her process of ideas...

"I really start with an idea, and once I go into the process, I get rid of the idea because when you start to work and let go, then interesting things happen." 

// all photos from Anouk Kruithof


Rebeka Russell said...

Wow, a sort of 3D Klee for the 21st century. Love it - brilliant antidote to a grey day - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the book wave. said...

Beautiful and impressive!

LL said...

Cool stuff. I'm always interested in looking at how artists represent and problematize Time and History. I've talked a lot with a landscape architect friend about layering in design, which is fascinating and the implications of which I've not quite got my mind around. I find this project of Scott Hazard a cool way of representing the passage of time in inorganic city spaces: (I'm reminded of tree rings, in particular, even though that's not what he's depicting)

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