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7 Things of the week: 

Hope you had a nice week! This week I focused on being more in the moment. Have you deliberately made that your intention for a day or even week? If you haven't, try it out and tell me how it goes down. I've noticed little details become more alive.

1 We mixed it up and had Pizza on a Wednesday. I don't know why it took me so long to make a good homemade pizza?! I'm excited to try different types of dough and sauce recipes now. (This one is pretty good.) Oh and if you like fresh ginger, you should try this Ginger Ale out!

2 We've been painting al freso lately, it is fun to hear India explore and name her colors.

3 The Farmer's market this week was lovely. I actually go to two different ones on Thursdays and it really makes my week. I'm starting to have favorite famers like sweet Romane has become my go-to tomato guru. He is the nicest most cheerful guy you'll ever meet, his smile is contagious.

4 Made my first (white sand) Terrarium thanks to her tips.

5 Watched Mystery Box Ted Talk by JJ Abrams. Super inspiring, definitely worth your time.

6 Finished listening to the Steve Jobs book this week and it was actually much better than I thought it would be. What an interesting person! (Beware of the f bomb a lot if you are listening aloud with littles.)

7 I shared a few parenting tips and things I'm learning along the way over on Design for Minikind.

Have a great weekend, I am excited for a little getaway next week! Can't wait. Hope you have a fabulous relaxing weekend.


Tanvi said...

I love that art easel, Rachel! She looks so darling. Can you tell me where you found it? On the lookout for one myself.

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Unknown said...

That pizza surely looks good. I enjoy making one myself. Its much more better than ordering out.
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PSbyDila said...

Nice blog! That pizza looks delicious!

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