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One of my favorite creative and modern craft sites (especially for children's crafts) is Mer Mag. Merrilee is a super artistic and talented mother of 2 boys (one girl on the way) and I always look forward to what she will create next and share on her site. Her ideas and projects are fresh, unique, fun, and most likely something you haven't seen before. She has this brilliant knack of using minimal supplies, not a lot of money, and still manages to make cardboard and tape or paint chips look like a million bucks! I got to meet her last week and on a quick trip and was equally impressed by how cool she is.

She let me know about some crafting workshops she is collaborating with GAP kids and thought some of you may want to take your kids on an outing to enjoy some end of the summer fun! You can learn about all the details here and see if her rad craft projects will pop up in your area.

( // All photos from Mer Mag )

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ally said...

great magazine!
check out online magazine for beautiful collages on everything from food to travel to fashion !

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