Food Valentines by Erin Jang

I adore the minimal and graphic work of Erin Jang for The Indigo Bunting and was happy to see her newly designed Food Valentines for this year. They are perfect, check them out here.


Amanda Swann said...

These are adorable! Cute, cute way to say "I love you"

The Cheeky Cafe

Ann-Charlotte Lovén said...

So cute!

Ann-Charlotte from Pouf! Magazine

Loretta said...

these are super cute!

thea said...

hehehehe super cute :)


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, these are so perfect! It totally inspires me to try something similar with my kiddos; I'm thinking potato stamps and clever, personalized phrases... We could totally do it:)

BettyCarol said...

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Vicki Archer said...

These are really cute, I love the play on words... xv

j. said...

these are so cool, love them !


stephmodo said...

Super cute Rachel!

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